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by Owner Shawn Hurst

I met my dog/best friend on August 9, 2009, at the Kootenai County Humane Society.  He had been there for a year or more and in a kennel by himself. His name was McGee but he is now Mugs.  My daughter was 12 and volunteering at the KHS when she met Mugs (McGee).  He was a 2 year old Red Heeler mix.  He was shut down, afraid of just about everything and on anxiety meds.  I went to find out if I could foster him as I was unable to come up with his adoption fee.
I was told that adult animals could not be fostered.  I said I was interested in adopting him.

Upon our first meeting McGee didn’t seem very impressed with me; as a matter of fact he only took about 20 steps into the walking park before putting on the brakes.  So I did what any mom who sees a hurting baby would do, I sat in the grass and talked to him for about 2 to 3 hours; he listened.  I went back the next day because, darn it, we needed each other he just didn’t know it yet.  It was another great bonding session.  He got up a little faster and we made it about halfway around the yard before he balked.  So then I sat down with him again and “we” talked for another few hours and I was awarded with a kiss.

We didn’t have money for his adoption fee so my wonderful daughter created a flyer and set up a cool aid stand at Sunset park.  She  raised $3, not quite the $42.50 we needed for his adoption.  Then she went to the little coffee stand in front of Inland Fence to ask about putting a donation box out.  She was sent into Inland Fence.  Darin, the owner, is an animal lover who even in a slow economy couldn’t resist helping out.  In a call I made to Darin expressing my gratitude, he told me he’d had to put his dog down recently.  Soon after Mugs adoption, I started taking him to visit at Inland Fence, and I know Darin and his crew have loved seeing the growth in Mugs and they are all aware that Darin’s help with the adoption fee has made all the difference in Mugs’ life. Mugs and Friends

Mugs and Friends at Cherry Hill Dog Park

Inland Fence at 1295 E. Best Ave, Coeur D Alene, ID 83814
(208) 664-4050

Coeur d’ Alene dog parks:  http://www.kcdogpark.com/

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